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What is the use of INTO keyword in LINQ?

1). The INTO keyword is used in LINQ,which is used to create a temporary local variable which is used to store the results of a group,join,or select clause into a new identifiers.
2). INTO keyword is used when there is a need to perform an operation on grouped data.
3). INTO keyword Hides the previous variable when used in a query.
What is the disadvantage of LINQ over Stored procedure?

As we know that Stored procedure compiles only one time and executed every time whereas LINQ compiled everytime,so Stored Procedure is faster as compare to LINQ.
What is LINQ?

LINQ stands for 'Language Integrated Query' and it is pronounced as "LINK" .
LINQ was introduced in with .NET Framework 3.5 including VS2008.It enables you to query thye data from various data source.
like SQL, XML document, ADO .Net data source, web services and any other objects such as collection, Generics etc.

What are different types of LINQ?

1. LINQ to object
4. LINQ to Dataset
5.LINQ to Entities
6. LINQ to XML
What is PLINQ?

PLINQ stands for Parallel Language Integrated query. It is the parallel implementation of LINQ., in which a query can be
executed by multiple processors.PLINQ ensures scalability of software on parallel processors in the execution environment.
Its used where data grows rapidly, i.e. telecom industry.
What is LINQ Insight?

It is an alternative of LINQPad which is developed by Devart. It provides viewing of SQL, generated for LINQ to entities, LINQ to NHibernate, LINQ to SQL.
Difference Between LINQ and SQL Store Procedure.

- Stored Procedure are faster when compared to LINQ as they have Execution Plan
-LINQ allows debugging which make the effort of Programmer easy
-Deployement of LINQ is easy when compared to SP
- Avoidence of Runtime error through LINQ approach
What are advantages of LINQ?

-Debugging is easy
-Reduces Development Time.
-LINQ offers IntelliSense which means writing more accurate queries easily.
Extension when LINQ to SQL is used in C#?

NOTE: This is objective type question, Please click question title for correct answer.
Disadvantages of using LINQ?

a) In case of complex queries performance issues might occur as LINQ process the complete query as it is not a precompiled statement.
b) It does not take the full advantage of database features as LINQ is generic.
c) In case any change , assembly is recompiled.
d)No good way of view permissions.
e) impedance mismatch is still present, which is reasonable but needs to be understood

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