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What is Arrange-Act-Assert (AAA) phase in Unit testing?

Broadly speaking, a "Unit Test" can be visualized as a three phase pattern - Arrange-Act-Assert (AAA). This means -

a) Arrange all necessary preconditions and inputs. This can also be call as Setup/Initialization phase.
b) Act on the object/method under test. This can also be call as Exercise phase.
c) Assert that the expected results have occurred. This can also be call as Verify phase.

So the Arrange-Act-Assert (AAA) mechanism ensures for proper operation of a System under test (SUT). A proper SUT also ensures maturity of the system since system test is the successor of integration test in the testing cycle.
What is the benefit of Unit Testing?

Unit Testing is a part of the software development process where the smallest parts know as "units" can be tested independently. This ensures that every "unit" of the program which later on makes a module works as expected whether in favorable or unfavorable situation. Once the individual units (here after call as methods/functions) are properly "Unit Tested", we can go for integration testing. A properly unit tested code is bound to produced better stability of the software under scanning with less bugs at the production environment.
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