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What is the use of Diffgram ?


It is an XML format which is used to identify the current and original versions of data elements.

Generally the Dataset uses the Diffgram format to load and persist its contents, and also used to serialize its contents to transport across a network.

Here the Dataset populates the Diffgram with all necessary information to exactly reform the contents.
Which is the most widely used web-server?

The most widely used web server is the Apache HTTP Server because it is free of cost ,Microsoft IIS(Internet Information Services) is the second most widely used web server.

Apache HTTP Server:

• Apache HTTP Server was developed by Apache Software Foundation , First released in 1995 .

• Apache is also called as free open-source web server(Open source refers to a program or software in which the source code is available to the general public for use )

• it is free software by the Apache Software Foundation .

• Apache is a powerful web-server that handles more than half web sites available on the Internet.

• Apache was Originally designed for Unix servers and now also used for Windows NT .

• Apache is specifically developed to increase throughput (handling more requests in less time slot) and to decrease latency (Total time taken to handle request).

Internet Information Server:

• IIS is called Internet Information Server .It is easy to manage platform for developing and hosting Web applications and services.

• This web server is created by Microsoft specifically for use with Microsoft Windows . So it is limnited to use with Microsoft Windows .

• When local IIS web site is created,there is a default IIS folder InetPub\wwwroot , where the pages and all the folders for our site are stored.

• It is the most used web server after Apache HTTP Server , because of its security,reliability and scalability.

• IIS is not got installed by default when Windows is installed.
Which is not a correct name for an XML element?

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What is Marshaling?

The process of establishing a Remote Proxy Server object which resides at the client side and act as if it was the server.Which in turn handles the communication between the real server object and client object. This process of monitoring is said to be Marshaling.
How do we write data from the database to a XML file?

we can do that using WriteXml method.

In C#

’Filling the DataSet
 ds.WriteXml(Server.MapPath ("sample.xml" ) ) 


//Filling the DataSet
ds.WriteXml(Server.MapPath ("sample.xml" ) ); 

How do we read data from a XML file and display it in a DataGrid ?

we can do this by using ReadXML method.

DataSet MyDataset= new DataSet ();  

MyDataset.ReadXml (Server.MapPath ("sample.xml"));
MyDataGrid.DataSource =MyDataset;

In traditional web services, Only Public fields or Properties of .NET types can be translated into XML ? True or false ?

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In traditional web service, can Hash table (IDictionary interface) can be serialized or de-serialized ?

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State one basic important difference between SOAP Web services and RESTful Web services ?

One more important difference between SOAP Web services and RESTful Web services is
the REST world?s complete depends on URLs. The contents of the object can be accessed by HTTP GET and to modify the object, you then might use a POST, PUT, or DELETE.

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Does REST provides security features ?

No, REST has no security features. The security feature that you can use is the existing HTTP security features like SSL. On the contrary, SOAP has a lot of security support (but its complex and confusing as there are so many options).

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What is OData ?

Open Data Protocol(OData) --- OData is a web protocol for querying and updating data. This protocol allows customers to query a datasource over the HTTP protocol and get the result back in formats like JSON, plain XML or Atom, including pagination, ordering or filtering of the data.

OData is being used to expose and access information from a variety of sources including relational databases, file systems, content management systems, traditional Web sites etc.

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Explain the XmlReader class ?

The XmlReader class is used to read XML data in a fast manner.
It is also used to read the XML data in forward-only, and non-cached manner.
To work with XmlReader class in .NET, you need to import the following namespace:

In C#:
using System.Xml;

In VB:
Imports System.Xml

Describe the XmlWriter class ?

The XmlWriter class is used to write XML to a file,or a stream, or a Textwriter object. This class works in a forward-only, non-cached manner.
You can configure the XmlWriter object up to a large extent.
With this object, you can specify the following things:
1) Such as whether to indent content or not,
2) The amount to indent,
3) What quote character to use in attribute values,
4) Whether or not namespaces are supported.
What is XPath ?

XPath stands for XML Path.
It is a language which is used to access different parts of an XML document, such as elements and attributes.
What is an XML attribute ?

An XML attribute contains additional information regarding that particular element. The XML attributes use the name-value pair.
For example, the element student has an attribute called id and the value of this attribute is set to s01, as shown in the following code snippet:

<Student ID="s01">


Using XSLT, how would you extract the value of a specific attribute from an element in an XML document ?

The components necessary for the above mentioned operation are as follows:

The template element - Matches the correct XML element.
The value-of element - Selects the attribute value.
The optional apply-templates element - Allows continuous processing of the document
Which classes are supported to make an XML DOM ?

The following are the different classes in the System.Xml namespace that make up the XML DOM:

The XmlNode class
The XmlDocument Class
The XmlElement Class
The XmlAttribute Class
The XmlText class
The XmlComment class
The XmlNodeList Class
Which class is used to encode and decode XML names and contains different methods to convert between CLR types and XSD types ?

The XmlConvert Class.
This is the class which is used to encode and decode XML names and contains different methods to convert between CLR types and XSD types.
What is the DTD ?

The DTD is Document Type Definition which describes the formation of the content of an XML document.
It manages the data to store in a consistent format. It defines the XML elements and attributes about how they should be present in XML documents and what relation they should have with other elements and attributes.
It also allows you to mention whether an XML element is optional or not. If the XML documents are not according to the DTD rules, they are not considered valid.
Explain the XML elements ?

The elements are the central units of an XML document which explains and identifies the data. The elements are represented by the tags.
You can also make your own tags, which make XML a user-friendly language.
By creating custom meaningful elements, you can improve readability of the document.
XML elements can be nested and the nested elements are known as child elements.
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