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What are the extensions of VB.NET project and solution ?

Extension of Solution in VB.NET is ( .sln) and the Project extension is ( .vb).
What does Return value of Main used for?

Return value of Main used by the current application to communicate its state to the parent process when the application terminated.The integer return value can be predefined with some meaning.It can also be called as Exit Code of an application.
The entry point method Main in a class is marked as

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Can we force the activation of Garbage Collection if yes How?

Yes we can force but its not recommeded to do so. Method is GC.Collect()
Can a contructor be invoked explicitly

Yes, but only from another contructor of same class. We cannot otherwise call a contructor of one class from anyother location.
Explain the concepts of keyword Must Inherit in VB.NET .

Class methods and properties must be stated as Overridable to allow inheritance. Also if a class has to inherit from a base class, it must state the methods that are overridden with the Overrides keyword. If a class cannot be inherited from, this must be indicated with the NotInheritable keyword.
Can Object have a name?

Name of the object is the reference to the object and one object can have multiple references/names

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