Can you explain in detail project life cycle phase in DSDM?

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There are in all five phases in DSDM project life cycle:-

  1. Feasibility Study: - During this stage the can the project be used for DSDM is examined. For that we need to answer questions like "Can this project fulfill business needs?", "Is the project fit for DSDM?" and "What are the prime risks involved in the project?".

  2. Business Study: - Once we have concluded that the project has passed the feasibility study in this phase we do a business study. Business study involves meeting with the end customer/user to discuss about a proposed system. In one sentence it’s a requirement gathering phase. Requirements are then prioritized and time boxed. So the output of this phase is a prioritized requirement list with time frames.

  3. Functional Model Iteration: - In this phase we develop prototype which is reviewed by the end user.

  4. Design and Build Iteration: - The prototype which was agreed by the user in the previous stage is designed and built in this stage and given to the end user for testing.

  5. Implementation: - Once the end user has confirmed everything is alright its time to implement the same to the end user.

Figure: - DSDM Project Life Cycle

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