Diff Data Grid and Repeater

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Datagrid is
* one which has advanced features and lets you do lot many things like paging and sorting your data without much effort.
* DataGrid can hold text data, but not linked or embedded objects.

Whereas a DataRepeater is
* which does not have the paging feature but we can do it by coding.
* one which can hold other controls and can embed objects.
* It can embed a Datagrid within it but not viceversa.

Apart from this a Data Repeater
--is used in places where you need more control over the rendering of your data
-- have very flexible templates that give you total control over the formatting of your data

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Posted by: Peeyushkumar2 on: 3/30/2013 | Points: 10
simple difference is grid view is read and write both but repeater is read only

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