If you have more than one lakh rows in database table,while printing that table in frontend performence will be degraded.
for that what do you do to improve the performence?

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increase the execution time out in web.config (or)increase the connection time out in connection string

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Posted by: Deeraj on: 11/12/2008
Presenting information:

1. If for reporting purposes - use with (no lock) hint on the table that is being queried. This would eliminate any rowlocks and any other transaction requesting the same row will not be blocked. There are high chances of dirty reads. This option should be used when aggreating reports were desired where the actual data doesnot matter only certaing counts like sum, max(), min() will matter.

2. If the fresh transactional data needs to be presented -
Option 1 : Customize the front end to retriever certain % of records. Or Ask the user to fine tune input from UI. Perhaps, fetching lakhs of records doesnot make much sense when the user is unaware of what was expected.

3. Customized paging: Where the user inputs starting and ending indexes. Meaning fetch 1 to 100 records that satisfies certain criteria. If the result was not as expected. Fetch next 100 records starting from 101 till 200 and so on.
The SP that receives the input should be well written so that it will not deteriorate the overall peformance of the application.


- Dheeraj.

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