List<string> s=new List<string>();
List<string> p=new List<string>();

What should be written in the braces?

if (s==p)


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Select from following answers:
  1. Console.WriteLine("equal");
  2. Console.WriteLine("unequal");
  3. None of these
  4. All Above

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Posted by: Santoshkumar on: 4/28/2011 | Points: 10
correct answer is
plz correct the answer.
Posted by: Santoshkumar on: 4/28/2011 | Points: 10
Hey i am sorry it is incorrect answer.
what i wrote.

Posted by: Prasad_N on: 1/3/2012 | Points: 10
I have executed the code.. the Condition the answer is Unequal..Only.

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