What is the name of the dll that contains the Ajax Control Toolkit?

 Posted by Ddd on 2/2/2011 | Category: ASP.NET AJAX Interview questions | Views: 8374 | Points: 40

AjaxControlToolkit.dll is the name of the dll. It has to be downloaded from the internet. To use it in your web site,

Tools->Choose ToolBox Items--> select the AjaxControlToolkit.dll Click OK->

Tools will be added in the toolbox.

It is also copied in the Bin Folder.

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Posted by: Karthikanbarasan on: 2/2/2011 | Points: 10
In Visual Studio 2010 it has been inbuild available with the framework.. No need to download the dll and use it
Posted by: Ddd on: 2/2/2011 | Points: 10
Downloading the dll and then copying it was the extra information provided in context with
the answer of the question.

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