When does Garbage Collector generally runs?

 Posted by Chvrsri on 8/8/2011 | Category: .NET Framework Interview questions | Views: 29438 | Points: 40
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  1. Every time System gets Restarted
  2. It is based on the Managed Resource load on the System
  3. Will run all the time
  4. All the above
  5. All Above

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Posted by: Vishvvas on: 9/8/2011 | Points: 10
Good objective question and choices. In the choice (right answer), ff we have to use term "resources" then a prefix is needed which is "managed". The reason behind this is that the resources could be unmanaged which needs to be explicitly freed as GC only tracks the memory on the heap.
Posted by: Chvrsri on: 9/9/2011 | Points: 10
HI Vishvvas,

I got your point and updated the correct choice.


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