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Types of verification are of 4 types. They are:

1) Inspection: It is the most effective way which is used to find the differences from the actual requirements. While doing system level testing, it does not look into the details of the code.
2) Analysis: In this type, the test item will be conducted with mathematical verification. This includes the estimation of execution times and estimation of system resources.
3) Testing: This type is also called as "White box" or "Logic driven" testing.The test item will trace the input values and check whether they are generating the expected output values or not. The typical techniques include condition testing, loop testing and data flow testing.
4) Demonstration: This can also be called as "Black box" or "Input/Output driven" testing. In this type of verification, at first the input values are given.Then the output values are compared with the expected output values.The typical techniques include error guessing, boundary-value analysis, and equivalence partitioning.

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