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Adding an interactive feature into your blog or website was never this much easier before !!!. MyFunda.NET presents an easy to add Scrapbook feature into your website for free in simple 2 steps.

Using Scrapbook, you can interact with your visitors or a visitor can interact with another visitors or a member can interact with other member or ..... so on. There is no limitation of the potential use of the Scrapbook. This is a self controlled Scrapbook where anyone can add their scrap without logging into to the website. An objectionable contents can be reported as spam by clicking "Report as Spam" link by any visitors, so no need to monitor this, just add it and relax.
Versions available

This Scrapbook comes in two version (all functionality are available in both versions).
  1. Silverlight Version - best suited for DSL or broadband users.
  2. HTML Version - suitable for normal users.

How to add this to your website or blog?

Contact us on the below mentioned email address, mentioning following details

  1. Website/Blog name
  2. Purpose of the website/blog
  3. Owner name and details
  4. Number of visitors per month
  5. Location
Once we receive your details, we shall validate it and if approved by our team, we shall provide you a url. You require to create a web page (.html, .aspx or any other extension) and place an iframe with src attribute as the given url and you are done !

Example code you require to write on your page
<iframe id="framescrapbook" border="0" height="700" width="650" src="" style="border: 0px; overflow: visible;" />

For live example, you may see this Scrapbook

Have a blog or a website and want to add an interactive feature into it? Here the never before offer totally free from MyFunda.NET. Get a Scrapbook for free. 
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