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Learn Django Tutorial 
Last updated on: 11 Jun 2020 08:36:43 AM by Questpond | Views: 1960 | Category: Python
This video is detailed introduction to Django with a practical demonstration of Hello World application using Django framework.
Python Tutorial for Beginners 
Last updated on: 19 Sep 2019 09:36:55 AM by Questpond | Views: 3343 | Category: Python
Python Tutorial for Beginners ---------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 1:- Installing Python framework and Pycharm IDE. Chapter 2:- Creating and Running your first Python project. Chapter 3:- Python is case-sensitive Chapter 4:- Variables, data types, inferrence & type() Chapter 5:- Python is a dynamic language Chapter 6:- Comments in python Chapter 7:- Creating function, whitespaces & indentation Chapter 8:- Importance of new line Chapter 9:- List in python, Index, Range & Negative Indexing Chapter 10:- For loops and IF conditions Chapter 11:- PEP, PEP 8, Python enhancement proposal Chapter 12:- ELSE and ELSE IF Chapter 13:- Array vs Python Chapter 14:- Reading text files in Python Chapter 15:- Casting and Loss of Data Chapter 16:- Referencing external libararies Chapter 17:- Applying linear regression using sklearn Chapter 18:- Creatiing classes and objects.
Data Science Training - Part 1. 
Last updated on: 27 Mar 2019 02:44:08 AM by Questpond | Views: 2725 | Category: Python
In this 1 hour tutorial of Data Science we will be covering 18 Chapters where will try to understand Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Python, R Programming, Installations of R framework, Python Framework etc step by step.