Mathematics in Data Science(Beginners).

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This tutorial is for Data Science freshers comprising in-debth lessons on Data science, Average , Mode , Min and Max, Multi-disciplinary, golden rules for mathematics for data science, Mean,Median,Mode,Max and Min, Outlier, Quartile & Inter-Quartile, Standard deviation, Normal distribution, Plotting bell curve, 68,95 and 98 Emprical rule, Probability of getting 50% above and 50% less, getting 20 value, getting 40 to 60, Importance of Z Score and The Z score calculation.

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Posted by: Renushart on: 7/2/2019
Mathematics in Data science is multi disciplinary subjects so the beginner want to learning then this is golden chance for math for data science. In this tutorial video all describe average, mode,min and max etc.

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