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Hi to all,I having 4+ experience in .net technology in one reputed company but the problem is my company is acquired by one another good company & that company is closed all .net projects and now wants to me shift in Java technology ,what can I do in this situation ,i am very confused ,please help me

Deeraj's Advice on Sunday, April 20, 2014 :

Hi Anant,
Firstly, This is a great question! and the answer is in your attitude and capabilities. If you don't want to lose your .NET expertise I would suggest you to look for another opportunity. However, if you are a person willing to learn new technologies if might consider the offer from your current company. It really depends on your passion on new technologies. I have worked on various technologies like, c, sybase, java, .net powerbuilder, sql server and all are real time projects.
Having expertise in more than one technology is an added advantage and you will be one of the few engineers out in the market with a blend of technologies if you choose to switch to Java.
Think many times before you take a decision.
Good Luck!

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