9+ years stagnant career and looking of Job in dot net platform

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Hi All,

I am having over 9+ years .net experience. Working in the same company since the beginning. Have couple of years onsite assignment experience too. I am now looking for a change in couple of months probably beginning of next year. Want to work in new company with new people,new place,new technology and of course better package. I am just between average-good software developer. I never took my career seriously and had no vision and remained in my lazy & comfort zone for long time. Now i realized and regret it. I have the caliber to do better in life and career.

I need expert advice from you , what should i do now as i am bit confused what to do ahead. There is a huge demand of MVC but i have no project experience.Should i go for any online certificate program for it so that it can increase my credentials in resume. Please advice me for any courses.

These days i had a big buzz for Bigdata like mongodb..etc and Cloud computing - Azure. Should i go for such technology, join classes or online courses ?

Waiting for your reply.

Thanking You !


Sheo's Advice on Sunday, November 1, 2015 :
Hi Rahul,

Thanks for asking question, do not get depressed with your situations. Probably there are many people like you in the market. There is a way out and here is how you can try.

Its great to know that you understood the problem and you realized the mistake you have done. Now you do not want to repeat the mistake and energies your career and life.

Of course MVC is in great demand because it is lovely :). I do not think that certification helps in longer term, what helps and matter is knowledge and experience. I have personally interviewed many candidates having list of certifications in their resume and have no knowledge. So I would suggest you to focus on learning, working and sharing. Whatever you learn, create a sample application, share with someone. Participate in technical forums, discussions.

Bigdata, MongoDb all these words are hot these days, of course there are career there also but I think for you MVC would do better as you already have .net experience and in last 9 years you have not done much of work in database. However if you feel, you have good analytical and database related knowledge and ready to start your career in entirely new technology, go for it.

Thanks and good luck.

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Posted by: Rahul29 on: 11/5/2015 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Thank you so much for the reply. I really appreciate it.

There is one more problem that i havent given any interview for last 6-7 years..bit nervous about it.

Can you suggest me how to prepare and what all topics i need to cover ?

Thanks again !

Posted by: Narendrakumandan on: 4/9/2016 | Level:Starter | Status: [Member] | Points: 25
Hi Rahul,

Take time to brush up your basic core .NET skills , projects (functional & technical). Practice mock interviews at home. These are few common questions every interviewer asks to every interviewee irrespective of the experience. Tell you friend to ask you those questions and set up it as a dummy interview.You will then automatically gain confidence.

Start giving interviews, may be in a couple of interviews, you may still feel nervous in-spite of the home work done but going forward, you will feel comfortable and things will get easy.

Just forget that you have not given any interview in 9 years. It does not make any difference.



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