Can you explain ASD?

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ASD (Adaptive Software Development) accepts that change is a truth. It also accepts in principles that mistakes can happen and it’s important to learn from those mistakes in the future. Below figure ‘ASD Cycle’ shows three important phases in ASD.

Figure: - ASD Cycle

Let’s understand all the three phases in a detail manner.

Speculate (nothing but planning):- This is the planning phase of ASD cycle. Below figure ‘Speculate’ shows in detail what happens in this phase.

Define Project Scope: - This is the first phase in the main speculate phase. In this we set the main goals and what’s the scope of the entire project.

Set Time for Scope: - Timelines are decided for the scope identified in the previous phase.

Decide the number of iterations: - Depending on the time lines and the scope we identify how many iterations will the project have.

Break Scope to tasks: - In this section we break the scope in to tasks. Tasks are nothing but development activity which a developer has to do to complete the scope.

Assign task to developers: - Assign those task to developer.
Now that we know who will do what task, its time for coding / execution.

Figure: - Speculate

Collaborate (coding / execution):-Execute as per the task and test it.

Learn (Review and give feedback to planning):- At the end of iteration see what lessons we have learnt and apply the same for the next iteration.

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