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Interview with Mr. Vikram Pendse by Mr. Shivprasad Koirala.

Please describe about yourself

Hello ! I am Vikram Pendse, I am from Pune and currently working with IBM India as System Engineer and working on Microsoft Technologies. I am Microsoft MVP since 2008 and working with various Online and Offline Communities across India and outside India, I am very much visible in Pune Community (Pune User Group) . ASP.NET, Silverlight,WPF,Prism,MVVM.Windows Phone 7 are my core areas of interest. I am passionate speaker and spoke in number of User Group and Microsoft Events like Microsoft Tech.Ed India, Microsoft Virtual Tech Days, Microsoft Mondays to be name a few.

You can find me on my blog at or on my Twitter : @VikramPendse or write me at : Vikram[dot]pendse[at]puneusergroup[dot]org

How did you get MVP award and which trade ?

 I am very much active on various Microsoft forums from my college days and also active part of local Microsoft User Group from year 2005, Considering my contribution in communities and forums, Microsoft Awarded me as “Microsoft Most Valuable Professional” in year 2008 as “ASP.NET” MVP.

In 2009 I become First South Asian MVP to hold MVP title for “Silverlight” Technology, So from year 2009 till the day I am “Silverlight” MVP.

Any inspirational moment you would like to share with developers ?

here are lot actually but getting awarded as “Silverlight MVP” is great moment for me. Especially getting awarded as First South Asian MVP for Silverlight is great. I mean when I look back efforts I put on Silverlight in early 2008-2009 I just can’t believe I made the title.So much I did on Silverlight from those days. When I got awarded, I was only Silverlight MVP in South Asia and there were less than 40 Silverlight MVPs in world. That’s a proud moment for me.
Whats your advise for todays  software professional ?

Love your subject, Keep focus on one specific technology but also try to learn compete technology, Spend your time with people around, Share your views, ideas with them. Be connected with world no matter what technology you working on, let it be Microsoft, Google or Oracle or any of them. More you share more you gain and learn that’s the key !
How do you manage personal and professional life ?

Its difficult though, But if you plan and keep vision of what you need to do and what you are doing currently then only you can give justice to both, For me I am fortunate that it is still working for me very well.

Who is your favorite MVP ?

Suprotim Agarwal (ASP.NET MVP from Pune) is one of my favorite.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years ?.

I see myself more and more close to people in community and see myself as a mature and confident medium of communication between Microsoft and People. I see myself  becoming more and more Technology and Gadgets savvy especially getting more and more close to Software and Services and Consumer Technologies.

Your 1 big regret in life

Nothing specific, Till the day by hardwork I am doing and efforts I am putting with great support of community everything is going well !

Your 1 big great decision

Becoming Visiting Faculty at my college and share my experience and knowledge with my students.

Which technology do you like most ?

Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight (I am trying my hands on HTML5 as well)


Thank you Vikram for your time. Good Luck !

DotNetFunda and Quetspond team

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Posted by: Questpond on: 5/26/2011 | Points: 10
I had met Mr Vikram in the MVP meet and beilve me freinds , down to earth and simple. Once a person becomes a MVP , many have their chest blown up. He is a different chap. Its nice to read about him here.

Hope we meet again in the coming times.
Posted by: SheoNarayan on: 5/26/2011 | Points: 10
Inspiring .....

Great Vikram, good luck 1

Posted by: Tripati_tutu on: 5/26/2011 | Points: 10
Respected Mr. Vikram Pendse,

Thanks for sharing this with DotNetFunda members. ReallyI am grateful to you.
Nice to read this.

Thanks once again...
Posted by: Ksuresh on: 5/26/2011 | Points: 10
Thanks Mr. Vikram Pendse

This is inspirational interview for who are just now learning.

Thanks for sharing a such a beautiful experiences of your life.
Posted by: Chvrsri on: 5/27/2011 | Points: 10
Nice that DotNetFunda always brings new thoughts which is greatly helpful to .Net Community. Great Addition. These type of interviews make people know nothing is impossible as well as nothing is easily achievable.

Posted by: Chakravarthi on: 9/24/2013 | Points: 10
Posted by: Indraneel10 on: 10/22/2013 | Points: 10
Thanks for your advice.

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