What is meant by the entry and exit criteria in a project ?

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Entry Criteria:
The purpose of this criteria is to check whether the suitable environment is there for supporting the entire test process. In this criteria, the items has to meet the following:

1) The test hardware platforms which are installed should be checked whether they are configured and functioned properly.
2) The standard software tools which includes testing tools also should be checked about their successful installation and proper functionality.
3) The availabity of the documentation and design of the architecture should be done.
4) The test cases and the test plans should be reviewed and also must be signed off.
5) There should be the availability of a seperate QA environment.

Exit Criteria:
The main purpose of this criteria is to check whether the application has been successfully completed before existing the system test stage. The items has to meet the following:

1) Maximum test cases are executed
2) There should be no defects during a time of testing effort
3) Severity issues must be fixed.

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