Discuss the differences - latent defects and masked defects..

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Below are the differences between Latent and Masked defects:

Latent Defects: These are the defects which are present in the system. These defects remain for a long time and can also be detected in different versions of the software. It may be detected after the release. The main reason for this defect is because the exact set of conditions haven't met.

For Example: February has 28 days. The system will not recognise the leap year and shows an error for leap year. This defect remains in the system and will be recognised in latent defect.

Masked Defects: The main functionality of these defect is that they will hide the other defects in the system. These defects can be observed in page navigations.
If there is a defect in the current page and it causes problem in moving to another page, then the defects in the next page can't be seen.

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