Top 10 Power BI Interview Questions and Answers.

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In this video we will run through some important questions with sub questions of Power BI with examples :-

Question 1 :- What are Calculated columns ?
- Where can calculated columns be created in power bi?
Question 2 :- What are calculated measures in power bi
- Where can calculated measures be created in power bi?
Question 3 :- Difference between Calculated Column and Measure in Power bi?
Question 4 :- What are M codes in power bi
- Where Can You Write Power Query M Code?
Question 5 :- What are Parameters in Power bi?
Question 6 :- What is Power BI data gateway?
Question 7 :- Do we need data gateway for schedule refresh in Power bi?
Question 8 :- What is Query Folding in Power bi?
Question 9 :- What is the use of Split function in power bi?
Question 10 :- Difference between visual level, page level and report level filters in power bi?

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