PHP Interview Questions and Answers (for beginners and experienced)

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This video covers "20 PHP Interview Questions" along with answers based on "Frequently Asked Questions" in the Interview. It will also guide on how to present your answers to create great impact on the interviewer. Below PHP questions are answered with important points and practical demos :-

Question 01 :- What is PHP?
Question 02 :- Advantages of using PHP?
Question 03 :- What are popular frameworks in PHP?
Question 04 :- What are popular Content Management System (CMS) in PHP?
Question 05 :- What is the difference between "echo" and "print" in PHP?
Question 06 :- How a variable is declared in PHP?
Question 07 :- What is the difference between $message and $$message?
Question 08 :- How to write JavaScript in PHP?
Question 09 :- How show Javascript alert with PHP variable?
Question 10 :- What is the difference between JavaScript and PHP?
Question 11 :- How to show PHP errors on the same page?
Question 12 :- What is the most used method for hashing passwords in PHP?
Question 13 :- What are the different types of Array in PHP?
Question 14 :- What is the Purpose of @ in PHP?
Question 15 :- What are the different types of variables present in PHP?
Question 16 :- How does the 'foreach' loop work in PHP?
Question 17 :- What is the use of session_start() and session_destroy() function in PHP?
Question 18 :- What are the different ways of handling the result set of MySQLi in PHP?
Question 19 :- What are magic constants in PHP?
Question 20 :- What are the different loops in PHP?

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