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Explain Top down approach , Bottom down approach and Big bang approach ?

Top Down Approach - It is a 1st parent module will be developed and then related to child module will be developed and integrated by stages it is called top down approach.

Bottom Approach -
It is 1st child module which will be developed and then related to parent module which will be developed and integrated .

Big Bang Approach -Integration will be done once all the modules are developed.
What is software application and what are the different types of application ?

The software application is know as a set programs is called software application.There are three different types of applications they are Business critical application , Human critical application , mission critical application.
What is distributed environment or 3 tire architecture ?

This architecture is same as 3 tire architecture but the level is distributed among multiple application services in order to increase the performance of the application when ever the application needs to be access all over the wprld by huge number of users.Then this is used .
What is Agil model in testing ?

This is mainly focused on defect products in the frame test driver development and this model also supports to develop the project even though so many frequently changes re paused by the customer .
What is environment in SDLC model ?

It is defined as a group of hard ware components with some basic software ,where in one can initial the app or it is defined as the combination of presentation layer , business layer ,database layer which hold the layers
Explain Reliability testing ,usability testing and Security testing ?

Reliability Testing :It is a type of testing in which one will use the application continuously for long period of time inorder to check the stability of the application
Usability Testing :It is a type of testing in which one will check the user friendliness of the application.Generally during this testing they will check the following messages, font, color .etc
Security Testing :It is type of testing in which one will check when the application is properly protected are not.Generally this is done by black box test engineers.
What is user privilege testing / firewall testing ?

It is type of security testing in which one will login to the app as one level of user and will try to access the app beyond that user is called privilege testing.
What is Adhoc testing ?

It is type of testing in which one will perform testing on the app in their own style after understanding the requirements clearly. Generally this type of testing is encouraged after formal testing is finished.This is done by black box test engineers
What is direct URL testing ?

Direct URL testing is a type of testing in which one will enter through direct URL security pages with login in to the app in order to confirm when the app is working fine or not.
What is Bug tracking tool ?

Bug tracking tool is software which can be accessed only by the authorized users and it provides for all the facilities for bug tracking is known as bug tracking tool.
What is Test closer activity ?

At the end of the testing phase test lead will prepare test summary report ,this activity is known as test closer.Generally test summary report contains following information as .Time taken for each build execution.Number of test cases planned of execution.Number of test cases passed.Number of test cases build.Etc.
What is manual testing and what are its drawbacks ?

It is a process in which all the phases of Software testing life cycle like testing ,planing, test development ,test execution , report analysis , bug tracking , are done successfully with manual effort.

Draw Backs ; Time Consumption
2. Tidiness
3. Equal action are all most impossible.
4. Cannot repeat same task again and again
What is Automation Testing ?

It is a process in which all the drawbacks of manual testing are addressed properly and provides speed to the existing test.

Draw Backs : In this some applications cannot tested with automated tools.
2. Lack of automation efforts.
What is test planning?

The planning of the test phase activity will be done in this phase.The scope of the testing approaches followed to test application resources to the test application and time line of the testing activity will be planned in this phase.
What is test plan ?

It is a strategic document which contains information about performing testing on the application in an efficiency and optimization. at the end of this plan document will be prepared by keeping all the planned things and the document is called test plan
What is the role of implementation phase in STLC(Software Testing Life Cycle ) ?

Implementation phase creates the detailed test cases. They test the high preference test cases also identify which test case will become part of the regression testing. Before finalizing the test case, It is important to carry out the review to ensure the correctness of the test cases. Also don’t forget to take the sign off of the test cases before actual execution starts. If your project involves automation, identify the candidate test cases for automation and proceed for scripting the test cases
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