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Discuss the differences - latent defects and masked defects..

Below are the differences between Latent and Masked defects:

Latent Defects: These are the defects which are present in the system. These defects remain for a long time and can also be detected in different versions of the software. It may be detected after the release. The main reason for this defect is because the exact set of conditions haven't met.

For Example: February has 28 days. The system will not recognise the leap year and shows an error for leap year. This defect remains in the system and will be recognised in latent defect.

Masked Defects: The main functionality of these defect is that they will hide the other defects in the system. These defects can be observed in page navigations.
If there is a defect in the current page and it causes problem in moving to another page, then the defects in the next page can't be seen.
Explain about calibration Test..

Calibration is a process where a device, or a tool is tested about its working progress. This test will let you know how well the device is working. This calibratrion test is very useful such that every device is tested and it could be known if the device is not working properly.
Give the reasons how the testing affect risk ?

A risk is such a circumstance which arices a great loss to any organisation. The risk cannot be removed completely but can be minimized to some extent. A risk generally transforms to risk.

For example, If you are managing the accounts section in your organisation, and you have commited some mistakes and you have done the incorrect tax calculation. It results risk to your organisation.

But, if this defect is controlled, you can atleast minimize the risk.This minimization of the risk can be done by correct software testing.
Explain about coverage and different types of coverage techniques ?

Coverage is simply a measurement which gives the information about, how much the test case has been exercised.
The different types of coverage techniques are discussed below:

1) Statement coverage: The main advantage of this statement coverage is to identify which blocks of code has been executed in a method or a class.

2) Decision coverage: This is also known as Branch coverage. There will be two outcomes(True/False) for any of the statements like IF/DO-WHILE/CASE. This technique will ensure the outcome should be executed atleast once.

The formula to calculate decision coverage is:

Decision Coverage=(Number of decision outcomes executed/Total number of decision outcomes)*100%

3) Path coverage: In this technique, the test case is executed atleast once in such a way that every path is executed atleast once including all loop paths taken zero, once, and multipe.
Discuss the relation between pilot and beta testing ?

Let us discuss the differences between Pilot and Beta Testing:

Pilot Testing: It is mainly about the quality.In this type of testing, a group of users will try to test on the system,mainly on its full development to provide a feedback on the quality of the product.The users will also provide the feedback on how the technology is useful,and how well it can be improved.

Beta Testing: It is also based on the quality. This Beta testing is done on the client-side. All the end users test the system and check whether the system meets their requirements or not.
The testing performed on the source code by developer is called?

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Testing done by developer on parts of source code is called?

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What is project ?

Software Application which will be developed for specific customer based on client requirement will be finally used by the client only for his own business.
What is Product ?

It is a software Application which will be developed based on the software companies requirement and will be used by multiple customers.
What is service based application ?

Software companies which will provides service to the customer and develop project are called service based application.
Example :Value labs company is the service based company which provides service to customer / clients.
What is Product based companies ?

The company which will develop their own products and will give the application to the multiple customers to use it.
What is testing ?

Testing is the process of Verifying whether the application is working as per the requirements or not is called testing.
Example Banking application the testing team will check the application as per clients given requirements.
What is Quality ?

Justification of all the requirements of the customer in the application is called as quality.The term quality can be defined as degree of excellence.The Quality of an each attribute are used to measure the quality performance.
What is Binding the Project in Testing ?

Binding project is defined as request for proposal ,estimation or Quotation and signing the project.In simple words we can explain binding project as
First customer will request for the proposal to develop his project. Interested companies will send their proposal .The customer will select the best suitable company which can deliver the best quality this is called binding project.
What is Kick off meeting ?

It is an initial meeting conducted by software development company soon after the project is signed off in order to discuss the over view off the proposal and also to select a suitable manager for the project.
What is Unconventional testing ?

It is a sort of testing in which quality assurance will check each and every role in the organization from the initial phase to the last phase in order to confirm and is to inspect that they are doing the assigned work as per the company guide lines or not
What is Conventional Testing ?

It is a sort of testing which test engineers will check each and every part developed in the application and to check whether this process is working as per the expectations or not.This testing starts from coding phase and continues till the last phase.
What is white box testing ?

Testing conducted on the application code or structural part of the application is called white box testing.Generally developers will perform this type of testing.
What is Alpha testing ?

It is a sort testing of an application when development is nearing completion; minor design changes may still be made as a result of such testing. Typically done by end-users or others, not by programmers or testers
What is Beta Testing ?

It is sort of testing when development and testing are essentially completed and final bugs and problems need to be found before final release. Typically done by end-users or others, not by programmers or testers.
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