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what is WebGarden in Asp.Net?

If a single instance of a web application spans over the multiple instances of the web server running on the same machine is called WebGarden.
Object identification in RMI. A remote server object is assigned with an ________ as its identification

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Define Client-side state management and Server-side state management.

Client-side state management :
This maintains information on the client's machine using Cookies, View State, and Query Strings.

A cookie is a small text file on the client machine either in the client's file system or memory of client browser session. Cookies are not good for sensitive data. Moreover, Cookies can be disabled on the browser. Thus, you can't rely on cookies for state management.

2.View State:
Each page and each control on the page has View State property. This property allows automatic retention of page and controls state between each trip to server. This means control value is maintained between page postbacks. Viewstate is implemented using _VIEWSTATE, a hidden form field which gets created automatically on each page. You can't transmit data to other page using view state.

Querystring can maintain limited state information. Data can be passed from one page to another with the URL but you can send limited size of data with the URL. Most browsers allow a limit of 255 characters on URL length.

Server-side state management:
This kind of mechanism retains state in the server.

1.Application State:
The data stored in an application object can be shared by all the sessions of the application. The application object stores data in the key value pair.

2.Session State:
Session state stores session-specific information and the information is visible within the session only. ASP.NET creates unique sessionId for each session of the application. SessionIDs are maintained either by an HTTP cookie or a modified URL, as set in the application's configuration settings. By default, SessionID values are stored in a cookie.
What is Control State in State Management?

If you create a custom control that requires ViewState, you can use the ControlState property to store state information for your control. ControlState allows you to persist property information that is specific to a control and cannot be turned off like the ViewState property. To use control state in a custom control, your control must override the OnInit method and call the Register-RequiresControlState method during initialization and then override the SaveControl-State and LoadControlState methods.
Can you explain the difference between an ADO.NET Dataset and an ADO Recordset?

A DataSet can represent an entire relational database in memory, complete with tables, relations, and views. A DataSet is designed to work without any continuing connection to the original data source. Data in a DataSet is bulk-loaded, rather than being loaded on demand.
· There's no concept of cursor types in a DataSet. DataSets have no current record pointer You can use For Each loops to move through the data. You can store many edits in a DataSet, and write them to the original data source in a single operation.Though the DataSet is universal, other objects in ADO.NET come in different versions for different data sources
What is ViewState?

ViewState allows the state of objects (serializable) to be stored in a hidden field on the page. ViewState is transported to the client and back to the server, and is not stored on the server or any other external source. ViewState is used the retain the state of server-side objects between postabacks.
What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?

Item stored in ViewState exist for the life of the current page. This includes postbacks (to the same page).
Can we program viewstate on client side using javascript ?

No we cannot write the program on client side.
What’s Singleton activation mode?

A single object is instantiated regardless of the number of clients accessing it.
What is the use of StateManagement technique ?

By using server we can find the ipaddress of the request from which
machine it came from, whereas StateManagementTechnique is useful for
finding the User details.
ViewState is of type _________

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Only those objects marked as __________ can be stored in ViewState.

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_____________ is ideal for transferring data from one page to another when using either hyperlink or Response.Redirect.

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What is the difference between Cookie and Session ?

Cookies are created at server for every first request which is came from the client machine to server and stored at client machine whereas Sessions are created and stored at server machine only.
What is Cookie Dictionary ?

A Cookie which has many sub key-value pairs is called as "CookieDirectonary"
In _____________ communication is slow

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How to get current request in a web application?

Using HttpContext.Current , we can get the reference to the context of the current request in any part of the web application.
In _____________ communication is faster

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