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Explain the steps involved to populate dataset with data?

Open connection Initialize Adapter passing SQL and connection as parameter Initialize Dataset Call Fill method of the adapter passes dataset as the parameter Close connection.
We can use the ___________ directive to control page output caching in ASP.NET.

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What is Fragment Caching in ASP.NET?

Fragment caching refers to the caching of individual user controls within a Web Form. Each user control can have independent cache durations and implementations of how the caching behavior is to be applied. Fragment caching is useful when you need to cache only a subset of a page. Navigation bars, header, and footers are good candidates for fragment caching.
Explain tracing in ASP.NET?

Tracing records unusual events while an application is running. It helps in observing problems during testing and after deployment. An application can write a message in case of unusual events to the trace log using Trace class.
Define Windows and Forms authentication?

Windows authentication is the default authentication method of the ASP.NET application. It uses security scheme of windows operating system of corporate network. Windows authentication uses user names, passwords, and permissions of network resources and Web applications. User lists for Windows authentication are included in the element of Web.config. Form authentication allows creating own database of users in the application’s Web.config file or in a separate user database and validate the identity of the users when they visit Web site. Users do not have to be member of a domain-based network to have access to your application.
Define HTML and XML?

HTML: It has predefined elements names etc XML: You can create your own elements with syntax much stricter than HTML.
The root configuration file named ___________ provides ASP.NET configuration settings for the entire Web server.

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Define Custom Error Pages?

There are many errors that can’t be trapped in the application code like page not found. To intercept this kind of error, ASP.NET supports Custom Error Pages that can be specified at two places: Specify application-wide error page settings in the customErrors section of the Web.config file. Specify an error page for a specific Web form in the ErrorPage attribute of the Web form’s @ Page directive
What is Master Page in ASP.NET?

A Master page offers a template for one or more web forms. It defines placeholders for the content, which can be overridden by the content pages. The content pages contains only content. When users request the content page, ASP.NET merges the layout of the master page with the content of the content page and produce output.
How do you create Master Page?

Steps to create Master Page Right-click your web project in the Solution Explorer window Select Add New Item. Select the Master Page item type from the Add New Item dialog. Following is an example of Master Page and a Content Page. <%@ Master %> This is simple HTML page that serves template for other pages. The @ Master directive at the top of the page defines that the page is Master Page. A placeholder tag is overridden by the content page to place the content. You can have many placeholders tag each of them with different id. Content Page Example %@ Page MasterPageFile="master1.master" %> ASP Interview Questions When you request this page, ASP.NET merges layout specified in the Master Page and content of content page to produce page result.
What are the Globalization approaches possible in ASP.NET?

You can follow many approaches to have globalized application. You can create separate web application for each culture. You can create an application that can detect the user’s culture and adjusts output at run time using format specifiers and other tools. You can store culture-dependent strings in resource files that are compiled into satellite assemblies.
___________ Error is returned to any browser attempting to directly request a configuration file.

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The ____________ control can be used for interactively viewing images. We can use our mouse to pan and zoom around the image.

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ASP.NET is built on .NET ______________runtime environment?

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What is Page Initialization ?

Each control of the page is assigned a unique identification ID. If there are themes, they are applied. Note that during the Page Initialization stage, neither postback data is loaded, nor any viewstate data is retrieved.
Explain Prerender the Objects?

The point at which the objects are prerendered is the last time changes to the objects can be saved or persisted to viewstate. This makes the PreRender step a good place to make final modifications, such as changing properties of controls or changing Control Tree structure, without having to worry about ASP.NET making changes to objects based off of database calls or viewstate updates. After the PreRender phase those changes to objects are locked in and can no longer be saved to the page viewstate. The PreRender step can be overridden using OnPreRender.
Web.config files are __________. The Machine.config file is ________.

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